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Game: Soldier of Fortune Demo
From: RavenSoft
Publisher: Activision
File size: 95.1 MB
Available from: Barrysworld
Review By: Patch
UKGamers first review, wow i'd better make it good then. This is the review of the Soldier of Fortune demo. We will of course be reviewing the full game as soon as it's released or someone sends us a promo copy (hint hint), whichever comes first.

Engine, Graphics and Models:
Soldier of Fortune is one of the last games to make use of the infamous Quake2 engine, the other being Dakaitana. The engine itself has been very highly modifyied by Raven but it still can't cope with some things which have become standard since the release of Quake3, namely curves and mirrors. Otherwise the engine handles well and im particuly impressed with its implementation of S3 Texture Compression although many of you won't have this available.

The new Ghoul models are far superior than anything else available right now. Each has 26 'pain points', ie. places where you can shoot them and see visible damage. This leads to 'major realistic gibbage' of an amount never previously seen. Arms and legs fly off, heads disappear in a shower of bloody chunks and enemys clutch at injured parts. Dynamicly changing textures allow you to find out what the inside of someones neck looks like and realistic model movements allow humourous 'dancing action' until you decide to put them out of their misery.

SOF's options are comprehensive to say the least. Theres the usual keys binds and sound stuff but theres a huge amount of graphical options to adjust. I turned them all to max except for the Shadows which i turned off altogether because it's not worth the frame rate drop.

Single Player:
For single player you are furnished with two playable levels and some cinematic stuff. The game opens with you standing out side a subway station with a load of police milling around and the sound of gunfire. The picture hops between you, the bad guys in the station and some rather loverly 'shot in the back of the head, brains on floor shots'.