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Jopasc-QW ECAL (European Clan Arena League) Chief Admin

Interested in QuakeWorld, Clan Arena or Jopasc? You should be... Jopasc: Qw ECAL (European Clan Arena League) Chief Admin has a word.

ECAL II is coming. Here's the man to tell us all about it...

THE SAVOUIR...? QuakeWorld refuses to die, and one of the reasons for that is CA (Clan Arena). A test of aim, skill, and teamplay-and spam:). The Bw CA server is still very popualar, why-read on...


Q: How are you Jop?:)
Jop: I'm fine, just been playing Clan Arena so in an adrenalin pumped up mood still :)
Him: Hehe, good.

Q: Who are you?
Jop: I'm an old git Quake player who's still playing the original Quake 1 QuakeWorld since i started online gaming 3 years ago. Started playing on a works server with DBs Ted the dog, Mikeybear who later left the company to start Barrysworld.

Q: ECAL Url?
Jop: the ECAL site is down atm, the new one will be on Barrysworld, not sure of url yet..

Q: What is the ECAL?
Jop: The ECAL is a QuakeWorld European Clan Arena League. First season already finished with some great games with players from many different countries.

Q: Who is running the servers?
Jop: The great chaps at Barrysworld with their mega pipe to the rest of the world to ensure the up for it people get a fair game.
Him: Good ole Bw
Jop: Yer :)

Q: Clans entering?
Jop: Can't remember all of them off the top of my head as so many have mailed me, QM, DN, GT, FE and many more have pestered me sayingMore More More! andHurry up Joppy!! !
Him: Cos it's l33t...
Jop: The Ecal is great, the good thing about Clan Arena is that everyone gets to know each other due to the time u get to type while your dead waiting for the next round. I know this more than most :)

Q: QPD may be entering, Ving did "mention" it-what do you think?
Jop: I think that would be great, not heard form QPD since a year or so backed when they owned pretty much every Quake league possible. Lots has changed and im sure they will be given a run for their money :)

Q: Any famous names we may recognise?
Jop: Well, it looks like Kage has come out of hibernation but still on a modemers ping so hes gonna find it real hard.
Him: What about Q-50, a very well known Uk player?
Jop: Arghh, don't mention Q-50. He gave my clan a hard time in the ECAL... He's one of the most skilled Quake players i have come up against. I have no idea how he plays Quake with those massive hands of his!!!
Him: Lol.
Jop: Still, we beat his Clan QM in the semi-final so he's not totally indestructable.