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Product : Thermal Paste remover
#Price : ~ 4.00
Available from : CPUFx
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Overclockers now have a huge range of well made and highly efficient thermal pastes available to them, but what happens when they want to remove their old one? "Wipe it off!" I hear you cry. However wiping the paste off doesn't always remove all of it and causes there to be some left over on the processor, and the last thing you want is to mix your expensive Arctic silver with some lower quality brand.

When we got this kit in, we were surprised by the level of packaging CPUFx had gone to. The kit comes vacuum packed so no air/dirt can get inside. While we initially thought that this was over-kill we soon realised it was important for the products inside not to be damaged or "infected" in anyway during transit. I think many other companies should take a look at CPUFx and learn from their packaging.

The Kit comprises of a sponge, one tube of heat compound remover, some cotton buds (just normal everyday cotton buds) and some kitchen roll (again, the same stuff you can find at a supermarket). Most of that sounds very amateurish equipment, but we found out that the results are far from being lightweight.

The instructions supplied give you a very clear and concise method, and the pictures help you further should you need it. We tried the compound remover on several different thermal compounds and it was successful on all. The time it took us to complete the application was a matter of minutes in all cases.

The first thing you do is to apply the redish/brown compound to the processor, and use the sponge applicator that is supplied to remove that. This removes the majority of compound in most cases, it even managed to shift our silicon compound which had been in use for the past 18 months on our local fileserver quite easily. After the initial application you apply a smaller amount of the compound remover and this time rub it off with kitchen roll. This almost certainly removes all the compound that was left behind from the first application.

With processors like the ThunderBird/Duron be careful not to damage the processor when rubbing away the compound with kitchen roll. The sponge applicator is quite soft and there is very little to worry about when using that, however the kitchen roll can cause problems if you put too much pressure and damage the transistors/resistors on the top of the processor.

The tube supplied is the same size as the Arctic Silver tube, and there is enough in there for around 7-8 processors, but this varies due to the fact that you might not require two applications to clean each processor.

The thermal compound remover is a very useful to have and we recommend it. Every overclocker should have this in their toolbox.