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RTS-The Next Evolution ???

From the Mission: Humanity Press Release:-

    Mission: Humanity is a game set in the future. Earth is no more and the few remaining colonists have settled on an apparently barren alien planet, with an eye to taking over the other planets in the system. However, an alien race has also set its sights on the planet and its neighbours and the game mirrors the battles between the two species, with the humans fighting for survival and the aliens looking to implement a genocide programme.

    The transferring of ores and resources is a key aspect, but s shapes, it is possible to walk from one side of the planet to another while on a reconnaissance mission. This also opens up a number of tactical possibilities. For example, pincer movements of vehicles and foot soldiers can be sent in a dual formation, while it also forces the player to consider the security of their base as it, too, can be attacked from all angles.

    Mission: Humanity is also one of the largest real-time strategy titles. With over 100 unit types - all of which can be upgraded - it has a level of depth that only becomes apparent as the player moves across the galaxy. The AI is also second-to-none, with the CPU automatically calculating the odds of missions and altering strategies accordingly. It also means the game can be played on a galaxy-wide scale, with the player overseeing the attack of several planets simultaneously!

So does Mission: Humanity live up to the hype? Well I couldn't wait to find out so i slotted the CD into my computer and got down to it.

Installation was a breeze; one click on set-up and the rest was done for me. One quick reboot later and I was ready to roll.