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Z: Steel Soldiers

Z: Steel Soldiers

Sequel to Z renamed as further game details emerge - Z: Steel Soldiers to lead attack on RTS genre

31st October 2000: Following the announcement that EON Digital Entertainment is to publish the highly anticipated Z2 new details of this Bitmap Brothers developed title have emerged. The game will now be entitled Z: Steel Soldiers and is due for release on PC-CD ROM in Spring 2001.

The action has moved on 500 years and an uneasy cease-fire exists between the two vast war machines of TransGlobal Industries and the MegaCom Corporation. The final phase of the peace initiative is only hours away when an incident takes place, which throws this short-lived truce into complete disarray.

War is firmly back on the agenda.

While initial thoughts may be that Z: Steel Soldiers is another recruit to the growing army of real time strategy games, Z: Steel Soldiers should be viewed combat decisions and their subsequent consequences.

The taking of territory is still paramount for victory as buildings can only be constructed on land owned by the player. But now, gamers must also think about which territory will best suit their strategy.

Each sector on the map will feature a flag displaying a number from 1 to 5, s resource, Xenonite, will be mined. The temptation may well be to secure those territories that will deliver the s 3D environments mean that some territories will be strategically better than others. So, taking control of high ground with a relatively small yield of Xenonite may well prove more advantageous in the long term than quickly snatching a valley based territory with low strategic value and a high resource yield.

The action in Z: Steel Soldiers takes place in six very distinct worlds each with its own unique environment. From arid desert to lush forest each throws up its own geographical challenges for the player. In addition each world has its own environmental systems and specific life forms.

s different environments have meant that Z: Steel Soldiers will feature not only land based units but also naval and airforce which includes helicopters and jets. In total players will have access to up to 30 units, the hardware becoming more powerful and destructive as the player progresses through the game.

Designed from the ground up as a true 3D game it comes as no surprise that Z: s worlds to life. Units will make tracks in soft ground or kick up dust on dry terrain and all objects are subject to real time shadows and reflections. Other natural effects such as weather and transitions from day to night are incredibly s physics system.

Z: Steel Soldiers is more than a number of isolated missions with no structure thrown together to make a game. It features a progressive plot driven story line written by Martin Pond, the man responsible for bringing the world of Medievil and the universe of Imperium Galactica 2 to life. Full of intrigue and conspiracy, the story will be updated through luscious cut scenes created by leading industry lights AudioMotion.

s strongest attributes, the AI in Z: Steel Soldiers is even more complex yet flexible enough to respond to gamers of all levels. It can be passive or aggressive in its nature from reinforcing territories to scouting s situation.


Features include -

  • True 3D environments spread over six distinct worlds
  • Unrivalled AI
  • Up to 30 units including naval and air
  • 30 single player missions linked by progressive story line
  • 20 multi-player levels supporting 8 players across a LAN or via the Internet
About the Bitmap Brothers

Established over 13 years ago and based in Wapping, London and Harrogate in the North of England, the legendary Bitmap Brothers employ over 20 programmers and artists and are one of the UK's leading independent development studios. The Bitmap Brothers are currently entering final stages of development on two highly anticipated titles, Z2 for PC (due Q1 2001) and Speedball 2100 for Playstation to be published by Empire this Autumn -