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There isn't really much to say about Q3 Fortress that hasn't been said already. The development of this mod has been well publicized and rightly so. The first non-public beta was made available to news sites just a few hours ago and we quickly jumped onto Telefragged's server to check it out.

If you have never played Team Fortress then you'll find a few changes, however if you have then everything's pretty familiar. There are 10 'Classes' you can be and your HUD is very different from the standard Q3 HUD. The Q3F HUD is well laid out, with the health and ammo bars being the same style as the pro mode ones, the weapons you have are also laid out well and easily visible. Below is the screen you are first met with when you enter a Q3 Fortress server.

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As you can see, the overall layout is quite clean and fresh, with nice instructions for new players, which should help the popularity of Team Fortress to grow above it's existing user base.

Here's a short list of features that are available in Q3 Fortress:
  • Five game-play styles including CTF, Command Point and Capture and Hold
  • Six new maps including updated versions of several world famous levels
  • Sixteen Weapon Types, including eleven new to Quake 3
  • Ten Unique Player Classes each with specific strengths and abilities
  • Eight grenade types with new special effects
  • Completely redesigned Heads Up Display
  • Tons of new models, artwork and sound effects
  • Over 50 new commands and cvars
  • $Var Communications geared to enhancing team-play
  • Real-time WAV communications allowing team-wide sounds
  • User Configurable Menus
  • Fully documented, powerful custom and extended entities
  • Q3F game-play tweaked with the support of 40 clans world-wide
  • Q3F servers tested by of over 20 ISPs and Clans
Now to take a look at each class, please note that this is still a beta and that there is still a bit of work to be done, by no means is this a finished mod and should be treated as such (i.e. don't go ape if u find a bug :)).