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UKGamer provides you, the gamer, with impartial information on the matters that affect your lifestyle.

Since 1999, UKGamer has been providing gamers with information on the latest and greatest with news and reviews. Started by a gamer who cut his teeth on uber competitive UK QuakeWorld servers UKGamer grew from the hardcore UK Quake scene into an online magazine which aims to provide information on the subjects that matter the most to gamers.

There's no dumbing down or patronising stereotyping here. You know what you want and our job is to provide you with the facts and our opinions as gamers. We work on providing what we believe is a high quality service, but if we appear to be nubs on any particular subject please let us know.

Over the years not only has our content been provided by gamers but our infraustructure too. Our original coder, Olli Holliday was a well known UK QuakeWorld player and former member of the top UK clan, 4Kings with our designer, Erik Hagreis an equally well known QuakeWorld player from the Netherlands playing for the top Dutch side at the time, Firing Squad. Our new logo was designed by an up-and-coming graphics artist from Lima, Peru with a panchant for retro gaming, taking inspsiration from the original Tron movie to produce our logo. UKGamer has been completely recoded in object orientated PHP5 for 2010 and beyond. We are proud to only utilise one server located in London for the majority of the site with a second server for rich media located in France.

We enjoy bringing you what we think is good, honest facts and opinions on what matters. Thank you for reading.

You chose to be a gamer, enrich the lifestyle with knowledge.

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