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The very idea of free voice calls anywhere in the world from a PC to a PC or for a nominal fee from a PC to a land-line seems like a deal exciting enough to get everyone buzzing, yet the adoption of Internet telephony, steady though it's been, has hardly set the world alight. Certainly most the less experienced PC users I've spoken to seem unconvinced about the merits of VoIP, perhaps secretly worried about privacy or difficulty setting it up or perhaps there's just that deep-seated cynicism that few things that start out free for very long afterwards. What ever the reason there's certainly some way to go before VoIP has enough users to even begin to rival traditional telephony.

Of course most relatively experienced PC users understand that installing a VoIP client like Skype or Scan's TalkScan, then plugging in a microphone and a set of earphones is about as painless a procedure as you're likely to encounter, but for someone who doesn't know the speaker jack from the microphone jack even this simple procedure can be reason enough to steer clear of the whole business.

There's no way around having to install the software but several companies are working simplifying the hardware side of your VoIP adventure and none moreso than Sysgration, a company whose roots lie quite firmly in telephony since starting out as a four-man business building telephone testing equipment almost three decades ago.

Sysgration have introduced a range of VoIP related products designed to make life easier for all VoIP users but with desktop space at an every more valuable premium the ones that piqued our interest were those which masqueraded as humble rodents, yes, we're talking mouse-phones here.

There are currently four varieties of VoIP phone mouses....err....meeeces....errrm....mice in the Sysgration catalogue but it's their ASG-142 I'm looking at today.

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Build-in mic. and speaker
Independent sound chip to handle Softphone VoIP Voice Quailty
Only one USB cable to handle both Mouse and Phone
Big 1.3?? LCD screen with backlight support
Dot matrix caller-ID
Volume ControlM
800 DPI Optical sensor
Auto detection (or manual switch) between Mouse and Phone.
USB 1.1 Interface PnP. No external power/sound card required
High quality for full duplex communication
Handy, style, portable for notebook & PC
Patent Pending

System Requirement
Microsoft Windows 2000/XP or above operating system
CPU 400MHz or above128MB RAM/16MB free hard disk capacity
One USB port available
33.6Kbps dial up internet speed at least (broadband is suggested
Internet connection (ADSL, Cable Modem, Dial-UP, Wireless LAN)