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I’m sure you’re all familiar with sod’s law, that unwritten collection of commandments created with the sole intention of sapping the fun out of the most innocuous of tasks. It strikes at the slightest sniff of an opportunity but seemingly never more so than when a family climb into the car and point it in the direction of somewhere they’ve never been before.

We’ve all been there I’m sure, town names that mockingly lie beneath the staples of your atlas, critical junctions that fall right on the very edge of the page and blazing rows over whether the left turn you needed is the one just coming into view of or the one slowly fading away in your rear view mirror.

Fuelled by falling prices and improving software there’s a revolution under way which, if it has its way, will relegate the paper map to the annals of history, and it seems every company has a stake to claim. Satellite Navigation is well and truly this year’s must-have motoring accessory.

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In a market dominated by big brands and slowly becoming saturated as everyone tries to take a slice of the revenue I was naturally a little sceptical to hear that Fujitsu Siemens had entered the fray. To their credit though they aren't serving up just another generic, SiRF Star equipped box with nothing new on offer, they are heralding the new Pocket LOOX N100 as "Lightest and smallest multifunction PNA on the market.". A bold claim but one that might impact on usability perhaps?

�� Lightest and smallest multifunctional PNA world wide – always at your side
�� Powerful navigation system with integrated SiRFstar III GPS module for perfect navigation
�� Navigate relaxed all over Europe*
�� No Registration required!
�� Ready to run: Car holder, Car charger, preinstalled Mini SD card (N100) with NAVIGON MobileNavigator|6 and country maps, included
�� Outstanding design with exchangeable front covers gives you the freedom of individuality
�� Special designed user interface guarantees one-click operation
�� Microsoft® Windows CE 5.0 Core Version supports persistent store - saves all data even if battery runs out
�� Strong and changeable battery guarantees ultimate independency from jack
�� Multi-format audio player supporting MP3, WMA & AAC *detailed street maps of 37 countries on DVD

System Pocket LOOX N100

Processor Samsung® 300Mhz
Memory RAM 64 MB
GPS Full integrated SiRFstarIII chip
Display 2.8-inch QVGA 240 x 320 colour
transflective TFT Touchscreen, 64k colors
Navigation Software NAVIGON MobileNavigator|6
9 Maps covering 37 countries 1)

(already included in box)
Car holder, Car charger,
AC adapter, USB cable
Mini SD card (1GB)
TMC Module (bundles)
Car holder, Car charger,
AC adapter, USB cable
TMC Module (bundles)
Language Multilingual Multilingual

Exchangeable Front covers included
Up to 2 (depending on country)

Following Maps are on DVD:
• AlpsAndAdria • BeNeLuxRegion
• BritishIsles
• EasternEuropeAndAustria
• France
• Germany
• Iberia
• Italy
• Nordics

1 x speaker
1 x headphone (3.5 mm) 4 pin Mini USB 1.1 cable
Expansion slots
Mini SD card
Exchangeable Lithium-Ion battery, rechargeable Main battery 1100 mAh

Power supply
Rated voltage 110 – 240 V
Power cord with EU plug,
UK plug optional

Dimensions / weight
Dimensions (H x W x D) 89 x 62 x 16 mm
Weight app. 110g

Operating system Microsoft® Windows CE 5.0 Core Version

NAVIGON MobileNavigator|6
Music Player
World Clock