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Ahh, the endless march or progress. It's amazing to look back at the history of some of the things we take so much for granted in these fast moving times. Do you remember the thrill that came with owning your first 1GB hard disk? How about the fanfare that went up when CPUs finally hit 1GHz. Maybe it was that feeling of invincibility when, after months of saving, you managed to fulfil Microsoft's predictions of the desktop PC with an unfeasibly large 32MB of RAM onboard?

There's nothing wrong with progress, better is always...well...better. The problem with better is that these days it usually means smaller and with smaller out goes any hope of compatibility of what we were using last year, or owning it for more than a month without losing it.
Take memory cards for example. I never found SD cards to be particularly large or unwieldy but that was no barrier to them pulling a shrinking act and diminishing from 32mm x 24mm for regular SD down to 21.5mm x 20mm for Mini SD and now down to 15mm x 11mm for Micro SD

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But hold on a cotton pickin' moment! What if, like me, your phone needs MicroSD and your digital camera uses SD. Do you need to buy a memory card reader that can handle both formats? What if you already own a memory card reader that already takes SD but not Micro SDD, does that mean you need to buy a new one? Wouldn't it be great if you could just plug the memory cards straight into a free USB port and forget all about memory card readers eh? You see where I'm heading?

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I doubt OCZ are a new company to you. If they are let me just tell you that they've been involved in the memory business for longer than they'd care to remember (actually August 2000) with a hard-fought reputation among the enthusiast community. Lifetime warranties and staff who know the business they're in are just the icing on the cake from a company who go all out to be seen and heard in all the key enthusiast talking shops around the 'Net.

Their latest baby is Trifecta, a Flash memory based SD memory card with a twist. In actual fact, while it can be used as a regular SD memory card the actual storage capacity comes by way of a MicroSD memory card which nestles inside.

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Available in 66X Speeds
Dimensions: 32 x 24 x 2.1 mm (L x W x H)
Official Secure Digital™ (SD)Compliant
microSD™ Compliant
High-Speed USB 2.0
Five Year Warranty

Part Numbers
Trifecta 66X 1GB - OCZSDTR66-1GB
Trifecta 66X 2GB - OCZSDTR66-2GB