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Have you noticed that there seem to be three phases to the purchase of any new "toy"? Phase one is that subtle combination of lust and exploration as you gaze lovingly at it from as many different angles as possible marveling at the build quality and wondering how you ever lived without it. You feel anxious when others pick it up to take a look and spend more time cleaning it than using it. Then comes phase two where you start to use the thing and become accustomed to its strengths and weaknesses. You still clean it regularly but the odd fingerprint isn't goint to ruin it is it? People are now welcome to pick it up and have a look but God forbid them if they say anything negative, you'll defend it to the death. Lastly comes phase three. By this point you've either decided it's a genuinely useful piece of kit that you somewhat carelessly throw in your travel bag, toss into the back of the car or carry in your pocket with your loose change or you've realised you bought it on a whim and are just waiting for a worthwhile offer so you can get rid of it and find a new love.

If there's one thing likely to accelerate the move from phase one to phase three it's the appearance of a ding, a scratch or some other kind of blemish. Other people may not be able to see it but you know it's there and that's all that matters. Suddenly the object of your pbsession has become imperfect, disfigured, flawed, it's like a hot chick with a huge hairy wart on her face. Annoyingly every time it happens to me the same phrase flashes through my mind, a phrase that I'm sure flashes through many people's minds and for a variety of different reasons...."If only I'd used protection".

It was while I was reviewing the Asus Eee recently that I got to thinking about cases. Although the Eee comes supplied with a fairly light duty slip-in case it doesn't offer a huge amount of protection, added to which there are no pockets for spare SD cards and the like. As I was still at phase one I didn't want a cheap, mass produced case for my new toy, I wanted something exclusive, something hand made, something in leather, and when I think hand crafted leather I tend to think of only one company....Noreve.

I first heard of Noreve when a friend of mine showed me his new (phase one) mobile phone. To be fair it was very nice but I was more interested in the case he'd bought to carry it in. "It's from a French company" he told me proudly. "You have to wait a little while for them because they're hand made to order". I noticed the lining was embossed with the Noreve branding and of course simply had to explore the company when I got back home.

• We specialize on innovative cases for mobile devices
• French design
• Top quality hand crafted leather / Carefully selected materials
• Fast and reliable worldwide delivery
• Dynamic and reactive customer service
• Delivery: immediate if in stock / 15 days at the maximum if not
• Conceived for the most demanding customers
• 100% satisfied or your money back

It sounded promising, perhaps Noreve were the chosen ones to fashion the robes for my next toy. But first they must tell me more.....

"Since 2004, Noreve has specialized in the manufacturing of high quality, leather cases for mobile devices.

Noreve offers today the largest selection of cases for MP3 players. The unique design and style of the south of France can be appreciated in its entire selection of products, in both of its versions:

• Noreve 'Perpetual', classic soft leather protection, • Noreve 'Exception', unique selection of leather.

In less than two years, Noreve has conquered the international market via the Internet through a network of specialized resellers (web and boutiques).

The Quality and Design of our products, our capacity of reaction as well as the boom of new technologies, combine to give us this rapid growth.

Today, thanks to very competitive shipping costs, we send hundreds of packages to our end users and partners ALL AROUND the world (United States, Canada, Europe, China, Japan, Australia, Taiwan, Russia Federation, Saudi Arabia etc. ). The network of resellers (affiliates, web and specialized stores) expands more and more to all corners of the world. We also work in a confidential manner with large manufacturers who wish to benefit from our know-how for specific cases.

Also, we commit to communication actions on a regular basis in order to strengthen our privileged relationship with our clientele.

The essence of our brand is directly connected to the evolution of new technologies, and this is why our priority is to always keep up and stick to the tendencies of this market in continuous movement. Our objective is to offer maximum protection to your mobile devices, all while respecting and leaving access to its functions, as well as an aesthetic selection that dresses up your device. Cases have become real fashion accessories

Hmm OK, I'm listening......

"Norêve St. Tropez manufactures with the best materials available now a days. Because our purpose is to make products of high quality and excellent durability, we select leather of incredible softness so it envelopes your device like a second skin. Our “research and development” department tries hard everyday to improve our products and offer solutions that will respond to the needs and wants of a demanding, determined and informed clientele.

Three advantages of our products :

- Customer Service Our customer service listens and informs clients and users.This information is essential for us. Trust us, we REALLY take into account you comments and suggestions: your positive comments encourage us and the negative ones will help improve. Our only desire is to satisfy all of our customers.

- Marketing and Communication Service Noreve does product testing on a regular basis through international specialized magazines and communitarian web sites. Our collaborators know, from their experience and knowledge, how to foresee the wishes and needs of our clients. Thanks to all of them!

- Our Experience Our young team is fascinated by new technologies and has been working on the mobility sector for several years. Those little devices mean a lot to us and we wish to protect them all while allowing access to their advanced functions.

The Design and the Style of our products came to life in one the world’s Fashion and Luxury capitals, Saint-Tropez, and it is a leitmotiv omnipresent. We are very aware and careful about our brand (Quality, Design and Functionality). Our internal policy is to be in continuous improvement. Our customers deserve it!

Customer Satisfaction

Our main purpose is to satisfy ALL OUR CUSTOMERS.

You have any problem what so ever regarding one of our products, service or with a reseller, do not hesitate to contact us, our customer service is ready to listen and find a fast and effective solution.

Our after sales service won t leave a problem unattended. Because your satisfaction comes first, the solution to your problem will always be a priority and we will do everything we can in the shortest amount of time possible.

The ideology, the know-how, the company policy and the hard work that characterizes us make us be irreproachable. The Internet does not leave room for mistakes, it drives us to excel.

These are all the reasons why we are hard at work to make “Noreve” eternal

Okay, so lots of martketing guff to read through but in a nutshell they seem to be offering me hand crafted cases from the finest possible materials with an emphasis on customer care. Best of all they seem to do a staggering range of products from cameras to laptops, MP3 players to phones and more besides. I decided to drop them a line.

I not only had the Eee to bedeck, I also had a Nokia N82 on my desk to review so this seemed like a great opportunity to check out both their standard leather cases and also their premium suede cases too. I ordered a blue leather case for the Eee and a sumptuous red "passion vintage" case for the N82. Less than a fortnight later the parcel landed on my doorstep.