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Folding@home update
Lawrence Latif at Monday 12th October filed under Misc
Our Folding@Home team (# 11987) has been steadily moving up the ladder since my last post some months ago. From our lowly position in the 1330s we have made it up into the 770s and have recently overtaken and about to overtake some of the tech website community's more famous names such as Shacknews, Extremetech, Neoseeker and Pureoverclock.

However we need your help, so if you run a Folding@Home client please join the 3DVelocity/UKGamer team 11987 and help us climb that leaderboard. Currently we average somewhere in the region of 25,000-27,000 points per day and we'd love to go over 40,000 before the end of the year with our final goal to get into the top 100.

For more information on Folding@Home, please visit Stanford University's website, we think you'll agree it's a worthy cause. The client can be downloaded from here and please remember to put your team number as 11987! We even have a forum open on Folding if you need any further help.